The Military Order
of The Purple Heart


Chartered 1958


We, the mothers, wives, widows, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, legally adopted daughters, and direct lineal female descendants of combat veterans of wars of the United States, who for their valiant service have been awarded

The Purple Heart

(founded by General George Washington) In order to perpetuate principles of national partiotism and justice, do here ordain and establish the

"Ladies Auxiliary, Military Order of the Purple Heart of America Incorporated"

We pledge ourselves to sponsor those principals of liberty, justice and general welfare that have made the United Stated the great nation that it is today. We further pledge ourselves to assist the Military Order of the Purple Heart in carrying out its patriotic, fraternal, educational, and historical programs.

MOPHA Supports Veterans

MOPHA members donate more than 23,000 hours annually at:
VA Medical Centers / Hospitals
VA Communtity Based Outpatient Clinics (BCOC)
State Veterans Homes
Caregivers Support
Respite Care  
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Current MOPHA Officers

These Auxilary members voluntarily serve in these Elected Leadership roles.
Karen Lindquist


Patricia Andrews

Sr. Vice President


Jr. Vice President

Paula Cooper


Tomiko Moneymaker


Maryann Schroeder


Gwen Cooper

1st Yr. Trustee

Maryann Schroeder

2nd Yr. Trustee

Carol Kautz

3rd Yr. Trustee

These Auxilary members voluntarily serve in these Appointed Leadership roles.
Patricia Andrews


Ursula Price


Gwen Cooper

Patriotic Instructor



Megan Andrews

Patriotic Instructor

Ursula Price




Your Invitation to Join

The purpose of the Ladies’ Ausiliary is to assist in furthering and perpetuating the objects of the Military Order of the Purple Heart of the U.S.A., Inc., as set forth in Article III of the Constitution of the National Corporation, particularly the part that perains to “assisting, comforting, and aiding all members and their dependents.”

Membership Applications

Standard Membership

Eligibility is awarded to Mothers, Wives, Widows, Sisters, Daughters, Granddaughters, Legally Adopted Daughters and direct lineal female descendants of combat Wounded Veterans. Such membership is subject to conditions set forth in Article I of the Bylaws of the LAMOPH. Relationship to the Patriot must be verified through certified evidence of the Purple Heart Award.

Dues include subscription to the Purple Heart Magazine.

Life Membership Dues $50.00

Associate membership

In accordance with Article III of LAMOPH Constitution and Bylaws Membership as Associate members is granted on the basis of "female parent, lineal descendants and sisters of all persons eligible for membership in the Auxiliary". Documentation of relationship to the LAMOPH member may be required. The National Membership Officer will make the final determination on eligibility.

Dues include subscription to the Purple Heart Magazine.

Associate Life Membership Dues $50.00