MOPH - Chapter 423

Scholarship Information


All applicants will be advised in writing (email) as to selection or non-selection for scholarship.

Scholarship Payable to School of Application

Scholarship checks will be paid directly to the school of application for deposit into the student's account.

Funds Applied To

Scholarship funds maybe applied to payment of tuition, text books, instructional materials, fees, and any other incidentals related to the field of study.


Scholarships are not limited by race, color, creed, sex, religion, or national origin.

Accredited Institutions

Students applying to or attending accredited vocational schools are eligible and will be considered for scholarship grants subject to the same criteria used to select college scholarship awards.

Active Membership

The individual whose Chapter 423 membership qualifies you as a scholarship applicant must be an actively participating regular or associate member of Chapter/Auxiliary 423 at the time of application submission and for the duration of the scholarship, if such is awarded.

Double Check/Verify

Ensure you have completed the application and additionally required documentation before submission.

Invalid Submissions

Any incomplete application or documentation will not be considered.

New or Recurring

Although, most applicants will be high school graduates of the current year, students already in college or vocational school who are otherwise eligible may submit initial or recurring scholarship applications as applicable.


Online Application Form

Please review the Scholarship Information section on this page before submitting this form. You must acknowledge reviewing the information section prior to submission of this application form.


Applicant's Name

Applicant's Address

Applicant's Contact Info

Applicant's MOPH-CO423 Connection

Members, spouses, children and grandchildren of active Regular and Associate members of Chapter 423 and Auxiliary may make application for scholarship consideration.

Previous Applicant or scholarship recipient

Applicant's Current School

Applicant's School of Intention

Applicant's Signature

By selecting the affirmative checkbox below, entering my initials, and then clicking Submit, I hereby submit this form to request consideration as a scholarship candidate for a 2024-2025 MOPH Chapter 423 Scholarship Grant. I attest that the information contained within this form is truthful and accurate.

Applicant's Initials

Application and any additional required documentation must be submitted by 31July 2024 11:59 PM MDT.

Date and Time of Submission

Thu 13Jun 2024 7:21 AM